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Introduction To Webb Site
     This website is a compilation of many articles that were written over a period of numerous years.  Some of the articles herein are quite concise and focused upon exposing particular vital truths.  Other articles on this site are very very extensive doctrinal writings.  The extensive doctrinal writings on this site were written while very extensively studying a subject and trying to learn what the Bible truly teaches about the subject.  Thousands of hours were put into the research and writing as appears on this site.
     With regards to any subject (religious or non religious), one in doing an extensive study naturally should write down his finding and arrange them in a orderly manner for further study and to best understand that subject.  To study a subject without  having anything written down about it would be a quite limited and inadequate research.  Sometimes I wonder why I researched and wrote about so many religious subjects, and then I remember it was because I had many questions about many subjects and wanted clear answers for myself, and often got into subjects very deeply as I endeavored to learn the truth about them.  In my research I often was very shocked at what I learned.    
     Too often us humans in studying a religious subject, simply study the Bible to learn how it means what we have been taught it means or already know it means.  If we merely study as such, it is very possible that we will erroneously make the Bible fit our belief rather then learn what the Bible really teaches.  One in honestly studying a religious subject must build from the Bible foundation upward, rather then build from their belief downward as in trying to make the Bible foundation match their already certain belief.  Although I some times in studying a subject wanted to find a quick and easy answer to evade extensive digging (as digging takes much time and effort), yet I repeatedly was required to dig clear to the bottom of the subject and start building from there.  I in extensively studying a subject often encountered questions and issues that I never even thought of before, which yet needed to be honestly and carefully considered.  Thus in this site you might find me seeking answers for questions and considering issues that you, like me, had never even thought of before.  One dare never close his mind to honest questions and relevant issues but must be willing to consider all aspects in forming a conclusion.  I at times even hesitated to extensively study a subject as I was almost afraid what I would learn in extensively studying the subject.  I quite often had to change my views as I extensively studied a subject.  I in my Biblical studies found in a new way that God has a good plan for man.  
     Some places in this site, and especially in some of my earlier articles, I too much merely advocated some of my personal beliefs which I had been taught and had thus adopted, without having or giving sufficient reason for what I was advocating.  This I apologize for.  Note, I do not expect or want anyone to adopt what I advocate unless I have good and Biblical reasons for what I advocate.  In my later articles I tried to be more careful before advocating any particular belief.  Too many people accept or reject teachings simply because of who said it, rather than the reasons that might be given for what is said.  
     Three Scriptures closely connect the fear of the Lord with wisdom and knowledge (Job 28:28, Pro 1:29, Pro 15:33)  Three other Scriptures also distinctly state that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge (Psa 111:10, Pro 1:7, Pro 9:10).  Often times when people study without the fear of the Lord their studies are unfruitful as Paul speaks of in 2 Tim 3:7 saying, "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."  Without the fear of the Lord man's religious studies often lack diligence and honestly, and judgments are made exaggerating the issues and Scriptures that are liked and minimizing the Scriptures and issues that are not liked.  
     Erring Christians in rejecting truths that they don't like tend to find all kinds of problems, where their really is bountiful answers, and then turn around and find all kinds of so called answers where their really is mostly problems.  Jesus speaking of those who exaggerate the issues they like, and minimize the issues they don't like as they try to believe what they want, called them blind guides “which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel” (Matt 23:24).  May we speak the truth in our hearts rather than having an evil eye which will only fill us with darkness (Psa 15:2, Matt 6:22-23).  May we not generate carnal answers to justify our beliefs or generate carnal accusations to degrade another's beliefs.  We should consider that if we were as determined to defend another's beliefs as we are to defend our own beliefs we likely could find some positive points about his beliefs too.  May we not complain about a mote (small object) in our brother's eye when behold we have a beam (large object) in our own eye (Matt 7:3-5).  Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth, and how can we have the Spirit of Truth while at the same time we are evading the truth?  May we not evade the truth, but rather pray God to teach us truth, and it will make us free (John 8:32&36).  
     One should consider how the Scriptures teach that the fear of the Lord is only the beginning of wisdom and knowledge rather than the completion of wisdom and knowledge.  May the fear of the Lord lead us into a greater and clearer understanding of the truth, and may we hunger and thirst after righteousness that we may be filled (Matt 5:6)!  In closing this introduction the writer wishes the reader much courage and patience in his search for the truth.  Remember only honest seekers find the truth.  Wishing you courage in reading and best wishes!  

Amos Bender